Pro Musica : A Chamber Choir based in Lewes East Sussex

Chilcott Requiem Alfriston March 2011

Pro Musica is an audition choir consisting of experienced singers from around East Sussex and further afield. The choir is currently co-directed by Kathryn Sargent and Ray Maulkin.

Founded in 1988 by Roy Wales and originally based in Rottingdean, a village near Brighton on the south coast of England, the choir moved to Lewes in September 2008.

During the choir season, Pro Musica usually gives three concert performances. The aim of the choir is to create a friendly sociable choral environment and to perform a varied international choral repertoire of works from the 16th to the 21st century. Recently, the choir's repertoire has included music by Haydn, Mozart, Rossini and John Rutter. There is a modest membership fee and a simple entrance voice hearing.

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The summer weekend concert tour abroad. In previous years, tours have included trips to Lille, Dieppe, Brussels, Cheltenham and in June 2011 to Halden in Norway where the choir sang in an historic church at Berg. See the 'Tours' link on this page.

We welcome new members with experience of choral singing. We are still looking to recruit new sopranos, altos and tenors preferably with some experience of singing in a chamber choir. The important thing is an ability and willingness to blend with other voices. It is possible to join the choir at any time during the year.

Pro Musica is a member of 'Making Music' (The National Federation of Music Societies)